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The Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development has unveiled a master plan to commercialise the R28 billion cannabis industry. The plan focuses on the cultivation of hemp and marijuana. South Africa legalised marijuana for personal use in 2018, setting the wheels in motion for government’s master plan to regulate and formalise the industry.

This has resulted in cannabis becoming a key focus for sustainable farming practices. Thus, a perlite-based horticultural growing medium like Pratley Grolite® stands to play a major role in the cannabis farming sector. Using this product is a cost-efficient way to boost yields for sustainable, small and large scale farming practices, according to Pratley marketing director Eldon Kruger.

Pratley Grolite is free of weeds and pathogenic microbes, making it an ideal horticultural growing medium. In addition, it promotes water drainage while still retaining ideal moisture content level in the root zone.

Perlite is actually a volcanic glass and the raw material is processed in furnaces to produce products like Grolite that enhance agricultural practices and increase crop yields. Tiny micropores on the surface of the expanded perlite particles capture nutrients and water molecules. The capillary action in the voids between the particles ensures uniform distribution of water and nutrients, resulting in resilient crops. Grolite also maintains optimal soil aeration, a critical factor in plant growth as the supply of oxygen to roots in adequate quantities is essential for healthy plants.

Pratley Grolite is processed at temperatures in excess of 950 degrees C, resulting in a completely sterile and safe product.


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