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It is not always easy making healthy choices, but gardening may help. At EcoBuz we believe gardening has a critical role to play in contributing to everyday, healthy lifestyle choices as it is a form of outdoor exercise and activity.

Gardening creates and encourages a unique ‘eco-system’. A healthy garden starts with living soil, rich in organic matter (compost and humus) to support soil microbes, earthworms and sustain healthy, strong roots. Healthy gardens include a diversity of plants – whether indigenous, exotic, foliage or flowering, the variety is needed to support, attract and feed a wide range of insects, birds and small mammals. A healthy garden is more resilient to extreme weather, pests and diseases.

‘Growing-your-own’ fruit, vegetables and herbs will ensure you have regular, easy access to nutritious food, grown to your standards. Plus, people (including children) who grow their own are more likely to eat their harvests. Studies have revealed increased food literacy associated with youths who are actively involved in gardening activities, with greater positive emotional impacts, in addition to the nutritional benefits of fresh, home-grown produce.

In summary, healthy gardens are happy gardens. If you are privileged enough to have one, make the most of it and enjoy!


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