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The latest sustainability report commissioned by Mastercard has shown a marked increase in consumer support for the environment. As the effects of climate change ravage many parts of the world, innovative ways are needed to inspire collective action to address it.

With this in mind, the Priceless Planet Coalition (PPC) was formed by Mastercard to unite the efforts of businesses, financial institutions and consumers to do their part for the environment. Globally, PPC aims to restore and protect 100 million trees by 2025, thereby contributing towards the fight against climate change. Below are a few simple, effective and eco-friendly ways that people can incorporate into their daily lifestyles:

  • use rechargeable batteries for toys, remote controls and any other battery-operated devices in order to reduce waste. They have a 28% lower impact on the environment than alkaline batteries;

  • buy in bulk and avoid plastic packaging by shopping at large supermarkets that sell in this way. Take your own re-usable shopping bags.

  • compost your organic waste in a bin or vegetable crate. The compost produces a type of soil that helps to mitigate climate change by improving the soil’s ability to stabilise carbon and increase plant growth, thereby removing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere;

  • avoid using plastic packaging at home and instead try eco-friendly alternatives or re-usable containers to keep food fresh in the fridge;

  • when buying fruits and vegetables, try to buy organic where the option and price allows. Organic foods are healthier as they contain fewer harmful substances and growing them also protects the environment;

  • paper delivery bags, gift bags and jam jars can be re-used multiple times;

  • for home use, try soy wax candles instead of paraffin ones. They don’t pollute, are made of sustainable material and are bio-degradable;

  • go digital and register online to receive electronic bills, statements and receipts.

Mastercard offers environmentally focussed products and services such as cards made from sustainable materials, to reduce plastic waste.


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