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How have your customers changed since Covid-19, and how are you changing to meet their new expectations? Ecobuz has observed a reconnection with nature and customers actively becoming more eco-aware. They have identified two distinct customer channels and trends.

The first group consists of passionate gardeners who want to make informed informed choices and be up to date with with the latest developments and plant practices. Biological solutions and the EcoBuz product range talks directly to these consumers. The range is innovative (Backed by Science, Loved by Nature), there are no residues (Treat Today, Eat Today), it is not harmful to beneficial insects, it works with nature rather than against it.

These customers understand that strong healthy plants start with strong healthy roots.

The second group comprises new gardeners who, since the lockdown, are eager to learn, grow and consume. EcoBuz talks to them with messages of stress-free gardening, products that wont burn or damage plants, are safe for people and pets and cannot be ‘over applied’.

EcoBuz has identified three primary steps to guide growers, landscapers and home gardeners along their journey to sustainable gardening: Root Health, Bloomin’ Good and Treat Today, Eat Today.

Root Health is for use with all new plantings and transplanting – seedlings, edibles, containers, perennials, trees. Bloomin’ Good is used for seedlings, edibles, containers, perennials, trees and indoor plants. Treat Today, Eat Today offers biological solutions for safe, effective pest and disease control and the active ingredients in the solutions consist of beneficial microbes that are not harmful to beneficial insects.


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