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The fifth edition of the international Public Art Festival (IPAF) takes place in Cape Town from 10 -14 February 2021. It is hosted by Baz-Art, an organisation that facilitates street art. This year’s theme, “100% Sustainable”, focuses on art as a mechanism for inclusion and activism. Art pushes and reflects the current thoughts of society.

Some of the artistic proposals received from applicants included sculptures made from recycled materials, artworks in biodegradable paint, temporary works that fade into nature and installations that bring people together through shared spaces.

Festival manager Lauren Fletcher says that the soft power of visuals is often underestimated, but environments have a strong impact on peoples’ mindsets, ideals and aspirations. In addition, the five day festival makes every effort to minimise its environmental footprint, while fostering social and economic inclusion, so the goal for IPAF 2021 is to show that sustainability refers not just to the environment but also to economically and socially sound practices.

IPAF is partnering with green NGOs to conduct educational tours on foot, skateboard and bike. There will also be talks and workshops on topics such as ‘guerilla gardening’, propagation and composting.


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