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In response to the food gardening explosion during 2020, Mayford was inundated with ‘how to’ queries, especially regarding vegetable seed sowing. The best way is to start seed in virgin soil, which is not hugely practical, so they developed an easy ‘green’ way of doing this with their pop-up veggie garden concept. This is easily erected on the ground, which must be able to drain, but there is no need to dig.

Lay down an organic insulation layer such as newspapers and greens, fill with virgin potting soil, compost and seedling mix as a top layer, and seeds are ready to be sown. The pop-up garden can be easily disassembled and moved, if desired. Manufactured from discarded signage fabric with alien wattle for the stakes and vegetable inks for colour, it is a truly ‘green’ product.

While developing the pop-up garden, they were asked to consider a balcony garden version for people with no gardens at all – something which would hold and retain soil but allow water to drain. This led to three additional products – a balcony planter, a saddlebag/ balustrade planter and a patio table top planter. Manufactured from recycled Coke bottles, they are truly ‘green’.


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