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Plant broking involves the sourcing, ordering and delivery of plant material for a landscaping project, on behalf of landscaping professionals. Plant brokers are engaged to manage this time consuming supply chain process, thereby assisting the landscape architect or contractor to meet the client’s expectations on time and within budget.

The process is simple, says Karl Jaacks, owner of Plantz Central, a brokerage company he established in 2017.

Landscapers place their plant order, indicating the types and quantities of plants required, size specifications and delivery address. Plant brokers have a wide network of nurseries and growers they can use to source exactly what is required. Through years of experience and relationships established and maintained, plant brokers are able to efficiently source the items at the best possible prices. A quote is then sent to the client for approval and once payment has been received, the plants are dispatched to the site. Plant brokers ensure that delivered plants are healthy and disease-free. Being a brokerage service, the plant broker either charges a flat fee or a percentage of the overall order.

Plant brokers offer the following services:

  • they provide a supportive role for landscape architects and landscape contractors;

  • they know where to source plants at the best prices;

  • they give alternative solutions should the plants required be unavailable or too costly;

  • they arrange for delivery to site and do the necessary run-around work;

  • they offer the same professional services direct to the public.

Jaacks has over 12 years’ experience in landscape design, installation and site management in both the corporate and domestic environment. He focusses on water wise options and with the recent drought and water restrictions in place, says that there has been a keen focus on planting that avoids excessive water consumption and maintenance costs. He adds that he does not only focus his attention on professionals but extends his services to offering bulk plants direct to consumers. In this way he is able to guide garden enthusiasts when they are choosing companion plants and also give them general landscaping advice.


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