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Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Saffron de la Rouviere is the founder of Saffron’s Garden Plant Club, a monthly plant subscription business where each month, members receive a surprise indoor house plant and plant-related gift in a box, delivered straight to their door. Included in the box are care instructions specific to the plant. The business is focussed on building plant-loving communities across South Africa.

Subscribers love the surprise element of the box as they never know what they’re going to get. The subscription service costs R450 per month.

The growth in membership is testament to Saffron’s love of plants and the thoughtfulness with which she puts the mystery delivery together. She started the business in 2019 with the aim of growing a national community of house plant lovers, and has taken advantage of South Africa’s new willingness to shop online. She has turned her plant hobby into an exceptional business.

“Plants make people happy and everyone loves a surprise, which makes the mystery boxes such a great product,” she says.

As the number of members grow, the project is rapidly becoming a key to the future of the house plant industry. Having figured out how to safely deliver plants across the country, Saffron can now broaden the house plant buying market, which in turn means more support for plant growers and all the small businesses that create products for the industry.


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