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Easy to set up and install with Intellegent Navigation, the weatherproof Worx Landroid comes in two sizes for ¼ and ½ acre gardens. Customisable accessories include GPS, anti-collision technology, anti-theft plug-in and a portable storage container.

The new WORX robotic self-propelled automatic Landroid lawn mower has smart technological features that separate it from other robotic mowers on the market. Engineered by AIA Intelligent Navigation, the Landroid is programmed with an algorithm that is designed to keep a random mowing pattern, ensuring the entire lawn is covered and evenly mowed. It leaves the fine clippings behind, adding important nutrients to lawns.

Smart design is key to making the Worx Landroid one of the best robotic lawn mowers available. Instead of cutting deeper into lawn, it trims less but more frequently, leading to a more even coverage and healthier grass. The smart technology means the Landroid knows when and how to charge itself and has frequency sensors that keep it within the bounds of a property.

Unlike most robotic lawn mowers, it has full turning capacity and turns at right angles. When the battery gets low, the machine will find the closest boundary wire and ride it back to the charging base. It will fully charge itself before going back out to mow again.

The Landroid has sensors that detect a frequency created by the boundary wire that is placed around the perimeter of a lawn. It stays within the set mow area as designated by the wire. Landroid cuts more frequently than traditional mowers and trims less grass per cut.

The smart mower uses weather data and lawn preferences from the Landroid app to configure the optimum mowing schedule. Then, Landroid’s patented algorithm creates random paths that allow it to cover every meter of the garden. Patented mowing AIA cutting technology ensures it can pass through narrow paths with ease.

Innovative electronics allow for mowing on hills and slopes and the offset three-blade cutting/mulching system allows for closer edge cutting.

Two independent brushless wheel motors give the mower all the power it needs. A rain sensor automatically tells it to return to charger station, and the charging base should be placed on a completely flat surface. A 9.7 m power cable is included. Place the charging base in an area that does not get an excessive amount of sun exposure to prevent overheating of the lithium battery.

Landroid handles large obstacles by bumping into them and turning around. The Anti-Collision System (ACS) accessory is available as an add-on to help it sense obstacles via ultrasonic detection and navigate around them instead of running over or bumping into them.


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