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Polyco, in partnership with the City of Joburg, Jhb City Parks and Zoo and the Zoo Lake Users Committee, recently launched the Million Plus Plastic Recycling Revolution at Zoo Lake. Visitors will notice new park tables and benches made from recycled plastic, new recycling bins, a fenced off waste depot and a large photo frame for park users to take photos and share their commitment to recycling on social media. The launch will also be supported by recycling competitions and prizes to encourage park users to recycle their waste and keep the park clean. The recyclable waste collected will be sold to Wastepreneurs, a local waste collection company, and the Zoo Lake Users Committee will use these funds to continue upgrading the park.

The popularity of Zoo Lake as a recreational space brings an accumulation of waste and litter that is often not recycled and Polyco realised that the Million Plus campaign would be the right initiative to get park goers to recycle their waste.

The campaign is an initiative to get at least one million people to commit to recycling their plastic waste, thereby contributing to a cleaner environment for all. It will also track the public’s change in behaviour towards recycling by measuring the weight of recyclables that are collected, and ultimately tracking how much waste is diverted from landfill.

www.millionplusrecyclers.co.za www.polyco.co.za

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